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Strategy in Pigmentary Laser Procedures

Cosmetic Laser Surgery is more of an Art than a Science . It needs artistic mindset , aesthetic medical ethics and professionalism with a working knowledge of fundamental laser physics, biological response of living tissue to irradiation energy and the art to beautify the skin. 

Contemporary Protocol Mindset uses protocols from laser companies supported by veteran in laser surgery. The fundamental principle is to remove the target tissue “in toto” . Their preference is result other than complications. Novices in cosmetic laser surgery have experiences of  nightmares. 

Renovia-ABLS Academy ,the only authorized training center for the American Board of Laser Surgery in Asia,  has been discovering the innovative optimum laser procedures for all cosmetic skin procedures  and named it “Soft Lasing Technique” ; SLT.

The principle of SLT and steps in using SLT in various laser and energy-based machines :

Heterogeneity of target tissue with variable fractional volume of chromophores.

Undetermined depth of target tissues.

Removing target tissues layer by layer while

Defining : Clinical Effective Signs & Early Complication Signs , orientating parameters

Testing lasing techniques, swept beam speed, and distant against clinical effective signs .

SLT Steps :

Evaluating the whole area , making aesthetic diagnosis and management plan

Adjust trial parameters and test ,swept beam speed and distance of the handpiece against clinical effective signs

Step 1    
          : Remove Superficial Deal Keratinocytes & attached
            pigments .
Step 2
  : Breaking Rocky Superficial Target

Step 3
  : Boiling Histologic Water of the Deep Target

Step 4
  : Rejuvenating Dermis

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