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SLT vs. Protocol Technique

Soft Lasing Technique vs. Conventional Protocol


What you don't know about lasers ?

What laser machine you must use with the patient infront of You

Choice of a laser depends on the following reasons respectively.

  1. Operative modes of laser 
    – if you want to use as a precise scalpel for cutting , you need a “What You See Is What You Get(WYSIWYG)” laser where absorption is greatest and scattering is least. They are CO2 and Erbium YAG lasers
    – if you want coagulating laser , scattering is greatest and absorption is least , you need a ” What You Don’t See Can Hurt You(WYDSCHT)” laser, such as continuous wave Nd:YAG laser.
    – If you need color sensitive lasers for pigmentary and vascular lesions , you need moderate absorption as well as moderate scattering type of laser (Sometime You Can Use Them Effectively[SYCUTE], such as those with wavelengths 532nm – 1064nm .

2-5 Considerations

2 . delivery of its beam via optical fiber or articulated arm ,or hollow mirror wave guide
laser delivery system
3 . Spot size(s) generated
4 maximum energy available
5 the size and cost of the laser

How to set parameters ?

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How to use a laser ? SLT